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pahlaj sir 1In celebration of the launch of this website, I commend Dr. Mary Francis for her dedication and hard work for supporting cancer patients.  She deserves to be proud of her achievement in this noble cause. May her future efforts be equally successful and rewarding. Her determination to reach goals also as a Professional and a homemaker have been admirable. She is a good role model.

Thank you Dr. Mary for the confidence you have inspired in so many who were depressed when they first learnt of having cancer.  You are a good example of how commitment and hard work pay off.

- Mr. Pahlaj Wadhwani 

How would I have guessed that Dr Mary was fighting against cancer these lasMrs. Christine Perriert years? How discreet she was about her health problems while she traveled to France during her treatment? Our exchanges remained highly professional, I would have never envisaged such a situation!

CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Mary for your courage and your staunch professionalism! It is with relief and pleasure that we are going to continue to work together.

- Mrs. Christine PERRIER  (Quality & Legal Affairs Director, Spincontrol Group)

Over the more than seven years, I’ve known Dr Mary through our common job in France and India, her insights, perspectivfrancis 1e, skills, and fighting spirit are enormously valuable. Now she also uses her talents to help those who battle for their lives. She is going to transfer most of her energy spirit through her support. Cancer is a long-term illness needing emotional support for the patient and his family. So Dr Mary’s work lightens the load of families so they can follow more attentively and tenderly to those who must travel the hard road of a cancer diagnosis.

I’m glad to know that “U–Can-Cervive” is now acknowledged as an essential support for people with cancer. It is a gift to anyone facing cancer.

Congratulation for everything you do!

- Dr. Francis VIAL (President of EMOSPIN, CEO of Spincontrol France)

When I learnt about the cancer of Dr Mary, I was very steph 1surprised because I never could have guessed about her disease: Dr Mary has always kept her professional objectives with conscience and rigor.

When she came back to work, I have been very impressed by her. I saw a smiley woman, joking and laughing, with a strong motivation. She personifies one word to me: Beauty. Physical beauty of course ;) but first and foremost, beauty of Spirit.

And “U-Can-Cervive” speaks well for her generosity.

- Mrs Stéphanie VERNIER-ESNAULT (Marketing & Communication Director, Spincontrol Group)

Mary has truly proved that Strength may not be measured by the physical capacity of oneself. But it is the presence of mohit 1indomitable will that makes someone strong. Mary has been a fighter and hence a survivor. Her everlasting smile has not only helped herself while fighting the phase, but has been a reason for many patients and their families fight the battle.

I congratulate her on this wonderful mission that she has honorarily taken up to make others’ lives meaningful and worth living.

- Mr. Mohit Lalvani (MD-Mascot Group)

priya 2It is almost impossible for a normal individual to fathom the impact that cancer has on anyone who is suffering from this dreaded disease. Most of the time the mere fact that you have been diagnosed with it, will kill the person, mentally, physically and emotionally. The thought process of such a person cannot be expressed in words. I guess, in Dr. Mary’s case the cancer radicals had to face these traumas!!

Dr. Mary has always been the type of person who just accepts things. She must have dealt with the cancer diagnosis the same way. You can’t control it or change it, so just accept it and give a fighting reply. I feel that this has helped her get through the few years

If you know Dr. Mary personally, then you will know what the epitome of being a fighter is. It kind of rubs on you, right from the first contact with her. Her ever smiling face and the never say die spirt, never left her side during her most difficult phase of life. Personally speaking, she has come a long way through this traumatic journey and as usual she has emerged victorious.

U-CAN-CERVIVE is a great initiative for people who are currently going through this traumatic journey. The sheer opportunity to interact with other fighters and knowing that there is always someone to talk to, makes the journey more approachable.

You converted this trauma into something so noble, speaks a lot about yourself! I can just say…Thank you!!!

– Priya Shah (AGM-Operations, Mascot Spincontrol India)

I first met Dr. Mary during my personal interview which was a procedure of Crimson institute. During that interactionsam 1n I found her very vibrant, full of energy and always a smile on her face. But on the day of our orientation I got to know she was a cancer patient. It took some time to sink into me. I thought about the things she might have gone through. Now with more and more interactions, I now get to know her toughest phase of life and hats off to this lady who proved to the world that whatever may come even if it is a disease cannot stop her to achieve her dreams and goals. With U-CAN-CERVIVE she is making people with cancer realise that nothing is impossible.

Impossible itself says I AM POSSIBLE and the same has been proved by Dr. Mary Francis

All the best for her new venture “U-CAN-CERVIVE” to help Cancer patients and their families fight the battle against Cancer.

– Samruddhi Utekar (Ex-Student, CRIMSON)