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Welcome to U CAN CERVIVE

Cancer is just a phase that lets you understand how important life is. But this phase can break the patient & their family down. Let Cancer not bring you down to your knees, it should bring you up back on your feet. We at U-Can-Cervive, help patients and their families win the battle against Cancer, by supporting them financially and emotionally. We conduct workshops to spread awareness on Cancer, how to fight the battle against this dreadful disease and post cancer workshops on getting back with life.
The founder, Dr Mary Francis, has been a fighter and survivor from this gruesome disease and continues to be an inspiration for many patients.

Our Mission

  • Spreading Awareness about Cancer
  • Helping patients & their families fight Cancer
  • Providing Financial Aid
  • Helping them keep up the positive attitude through the difficult times
  • Converting their weaknesses into strengths